Sunday, 17 December 2017

On the workbench - Indian Infantry platoon

A completed Indian army platoon for the 8th army Strelets Indian infantry WW2. Eventually I intend that I will have one platoon of infantry and various support options such as engineers, recon patrols to support other British units. I really think that the multi-nation nature of the 8th Army in N Africa  and   Italy gives lots of interesting modelling opportunities.
 The whole platoon
 The HQ shelter behind  wall
 I like the many prone poses in the set firing and throwing grenades  and grouped them together in one section

 A couple of Sten guns

 Tommy guns and Lee Enfield - a Bren team in front and on the end of the section
 3 sections and the HQ
 Maharata Regiment Fix Bayonets - “Bol Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai”
 Bren section firing from the hip

Plattoon HQ with RT operator and Indian Junior officer

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