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on the workbench U-2/Po-2S Polikapov

One for my Soviet Naval Infantry 246 Tamansk Night bombers for the Camo and decals. Air support spotter plane or harassment bomber. 
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on the workbench Sturmpioneer Platoon Blitzkrieg /Barbarossa /Kursk

German asault pioners are a really intersting troop type in Battlegrou[. Expensive high BR infantry with unique equipment. When the enemy are in prepared defenses there demolition charges and flame thrower teams can be exceptionally useful.  Minesweeper at work from Grubby tanks  An infantry sectiuon infiltrate through the ruins Advancing MG 34 team  from EWM  the rest from my old War of the Rats range from an old manufacturer who name a forgot Platoon HQ with radio  and a flame thrower team all from War of the Rats range except the rifle man supporting the flamethrower from Grubby tanks  Sturmpioneer section from Grubby tanks armed with grenades and demo charges ,  Flamethrower from War of the rats and demo charges from Grubby assaults a bunker The war of the Rats flamewurfer and a Britainia commander for the flamethrower followed by Grubby demolition charges from Kelly's Heroes  Another War of the Rats democh

On the workbench Vultee Vengence MkII

The Vultee Vengence MkII was an american purpose designed divebomber aircraft purchased in large number by British Empire and Commonwealth forces and used in the Far East. There were over 700 in total each carrying 200lbs of bombers Although Battlegroup does not require the use of models for air attacks Both preplanned and random air attacks now have the option for this divebomber in addition to my Hurribomber. This old FROG model from back i the 70's or 80's. It was a pleasure to  finally put this old kit together. Even the decals held up so I didn't need to use my alternative RAF decals. This set of decals  in for  84 squadron RAF (SEAC) Maharajpur India 1944. The crew models are replaced with Grubby Tanks Britaia WW2 pilot models as I wanted to make this one with the canopy open so replaced to tiny old pilot models with these detailedmetal ones. All planes end up on my flight base for games I thought about replacing the twin .30 calibr

Battlegroup Barbarossa Campaign Luga River 15th to 20th July 1941

End of Move 1 in Turn 1 Morning of July 16th Stoyanka State Farm Move 1 Morning 16th July  Counters within three hexes can move into the battle as reserves. Guns with 15 hexes can be used as additional artillery support Germans advance guard  from  Kampfgruppe Raus of 6th Panzer division have deployed around the bridge over the Luga river and the village of Ivanskoya. The Soviets advance from the east and west. The Germans counter move with infantry and armour in spoiling attacks. Our first battle will be on the Western approach 400 points of Soviets and 400 points of Germans both with additional artillery support allowed due to the range to off table  German infantry advance under fire from infantry guns  Schutzen platoon HQ and artillery forward observers  The first full battle from the campaigns after the first moves will be an attack counter attack the German bridgehead from the West. The Russians advanced onto the board first bringing anti- tank guns and infantry guns with hor

AAR Out Gunned on the road to Thala

Scenario This was I Recce Screen scenario for battle group rules facing 800 points of British armour from Gore force against 800 points German panzers from the 10th Panzer division there were three objectives the valley just outside the farm, the road in the centre of the table marked by a desert well and one at the high point on the Ridge marked by destroyed gun.  British Force  Main Force  2 motor rifle platoons  1 platoon mounted in  light lorries 1 squadron of 3 Valantine III tanks  1 squadron 3 Crusader II tanks  Support  off table battery of 2 25 ponder guns  Reconnaissance 1 infantry foot patrol 1 sniper team 1 Recce HQ in Daimler Dingo 2 Daimler II AC  German Force  Main Force  1 Armoured Panzer Grenadier platoon mounted in Sdkfz251/captured M3 halftracks  1 platoons of 3 Panzer III kurtz tanks  1 platoon of 3 Panzer III lang tanks 1 Panzer IV F2 tank Support  1 Flakvierling on improvised truck 1 FHQ in Kfz 15 1 Sdkfz236 radio AC 1 Sdkfz 7 HT supply  Sdkfz250/3 an