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Scenario and AAR Vulcan Begins - Sidi Abdallah 27th April 1943

  Sidi Abdullah Pt 137 Churchill tanks go into action near Ksar Mesouar, 28 February 1943,. IWM  NA911 The History “27 April.  The night was dry and clear. For three and a half hours the MTF sat in their vehicles looking at the battlefield on their right. ‘A’ Coy, 1 RWK captured Sidi Salem after a hard fight. The enemy came in with a strong attack on Sidi Mediene with flame throwers and was beaten off by the Black Watch. The whole area was lit by flares, tracer, explosions from grenades and mortars. By 0330 hrs time was short if the lanes were to be completed by dawn. The mines in front of Sidi Abdallah had upset B Coy’s attack in an unexpected manner, Coy’s compasses were affected, direction lost and the OC decided to halt and wait for a day before making the attack. The 7th would therefore be going into uncharted country, not for the first time. A and C Sections prepared to clear the gaps by hand because the ‘Scorpions’ were unable to cross the Oud Hamar diversion. It is odd that
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ARR Retiurn the Stoyanka State Farm 16th July 1941 8am

With our second campaign move of the campaign completed on the map we returned to Stoyanka State Farm (or so we've named it). A large set of agricultural buildings on the outskirts of Ivanstoya on the West. Landser of the 6 Panzer division repelled the early morning attack by the Soviets here and are now moving to occupy the farm counterattack begins from the West. The battlefield has moved somewhat to the West and the State Farm now takes the central position with a large forest to the north and open fields to the South. The Soviet forces having a reconnaissance counters nearby won the reconnaissance battle to deploy with the road through their deployment zone the German forces would deploy from the fields. I use the Panzer March! special rule to bring my forces quickly onto the board beginning with forward observer and some infantry. Then my three Panzer 35(t) tanks which arrived from the fields on the southern border edge whilst the Soviet's brought the horse drawn limber wi