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AAR Out Gunned on the road to Thala

Scenario This was I Recce Screen scenario for battle group rules facing 800 points of British armour from Gore force against 800 points German panzers from the 10th Panzer division there were three objectives the valley just outside the farm, the road in the centre of the table marked by a desert well and one at the high point on the Ridge marked by destroyed gun.  British Force  Main Force  2 motor rifle platoons  1 platoon mounted in  light lorries 1 squadron of 3 Valantine III tanks  1 squadron 3 Crusader II tanks  Support  off table battery of 2 25 ponder guns  Reconnaissance 1 infantry foot patrol 1 sniper team 1 Recce HQ in Daimler Dingo 2 Daimler II AC  German Force  Main Force  1 Armoured Panzer Grenadier platoon mounted in Sdkfz251/captured M3 halftracks  1 platoons of 3 Panzer III kurtz tanks  1 platoon of 3 Panzer III lang tanks 1 Panzer IV F2 tank Support  1 Flakvierling on improvised truck 1 FHQ in Kfz 15 1 Sdkfz236 radio AC 1 Sdkfz 7 HT supply  Sdkfz250/3 an
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On the workbench Nebelwerfer 41

Alway wanted one of these Nebelwerfer 41 from Empress miniatures and crew from AB. Painted for Italy '43. I have various tows but the Opal truck seems appropriate. The motorcycle and sidecar is AB and used as Recce outfit in '43. 

AAR Stalingrad 42

  Our epic Stalingrad game. I was grateful to be invited to take part in this epic Stalingrad battlegroip game with Warwick Kinrade and Andy Fox who supplied the fantastic terrain.  The german advance begins Soviet forward position can be seem in the building but there are alot of troops hidden or moving through tunnels across the board.  STuG Assault guns lead the German advance This large  church would become a blood bath changing hands several times This block of industrial housing the factory and railyard was the focus of my Naval infantry company. The rail yard of yhis factory was the scenes of more bloody fighting. The red flag is hoist after the final German withdrawal.  T34 roam the streets - blocked here by a German road block improvised from a tram. Soviet infantry emerge from a hidden basement to overwhelm the German HQ and aid station in the administrative district. The aid station overwhelmed the Opal ambulance is destroyed.  The German HQ before they fled A Panzer II take