Saturday, 28 April 2018

On the workbench - A paint job too far 6 - British Recce patrol

Two British Dailmer Armoured Cars for the Household cavalry in my XXX Corp Battle group. They have a mix of bought and scratch built stowage and a commander from Early War Miniatures. These are older Skytrex miniature I have had for years now going to get a run uot in The Market Garden weekend on the 12th May
Close up of the first of the pair
And the other with the commander getting a clear view.

With there fast move and scout and mortar spotter special rules These two will be the eyes and ears of my battlegroup. The Household Cavalry provide recon for XXX Corp in the battle so these two have had they're marking applies for this weekend.

Monday, 23 April 2018

On the workbench - A paint job too far 5 - Sherman tanks of Irish Guards

Sherman tanks of the 2nd battalion the Irish Guards. The cutting edge of the Irish |Guards battlegroup I am painting up for the Ironfist Market Garden Campaign weekend. I will be using Sherman V  (M4A4) tanks as the Irish Guards where exclusively equiped with this model. I only expect to use one of these Firefly Vc But painted up both for use in late war scenarios when more Firefly's are available. The Battlegroup Market Garden list use the Overlord supplement for Armoured Divisions so only one is allowed per section. These are both the Armourfast Firfly model with addition scratch made camouflage (using medical gauze). The rolled camo nets and external stowage is mostly scratch built using PVA soaked tissue for tarps and cotton again soaked in PVA for the ropes. Some of the 17lber ammo crates and other stowage items from EWM.

The bail out packs are visisble on "Banshee" a 75mm armed Mk V hanging from the turret. Again scrimmage camo added form medical guaze dyed with acrylic and PVA. With stowage from the EWM British Sherman stowage set - excellent value. The turret commander is also from EWM.

A close up of the 2 75mm tanks from the Squadron "Banshee" and "Buncrana". The names come in useful in tracking ammo. "Buncrana" has the S&S models "Shaggy Tank" conversion kit applied to the Hull and turret modelling the Hessian strips used for camouflage again the turret commander is from EWM as is the external stowage. I removed the sand skirts from these Armourfast models added decals from PSC and unit markings for 2nd Battalion Irish Guards B squadron.
The allied air recognition star is visible on "Buncrana's"  rear deck. A look at some photos suggested that the use on turrets or hulls was rare at this stage in the campaign.
A close up on Buncrana. Tne detail on the S&S kits is excellent. I also applied the rear idler and exhaust aftermarket kit to these tanks to correct the "floating wheel" problem with the Armourfast kit.

A close up of Banshee. Spare wheels from EWM. The air recognition star is just visible peeking from beneath the stowage which was removed before combat if there was time. I like the 50 cal in locked position you get with this kit. If I have time I may give the Fireflys the same treatment.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

On the workbench - A paint job too far 4 - British Anti Tank defense '44

 On the workbench the grew and Carden Lloyd carrier and two bases one for the 6lb Antitank Gun and one for the loader team. These have all ben primed black and undercoated in olive darb spray paint. The crew men glued to a coffee stirrer for ease of handling have ben undercoated in Humbrol Brown

The finish models The PSC kit comes with plenty of spare crew and ammo crates and shells and spent brass. I used it all. I am a keen player of Battlegroup so the spare crew got made into a loader team. These increase a guns reate of fire in the game and so can be very useful
 I used some of the ammo as external stowage on the Carden Loyd carrier which tows the gun. Lovely little quick build kit

 A closer view of the loader team and the tow
 This M10 17lber is the Armourfast quick build. I have had this model "DUNDALK" a while but have given it a make over with new external stowage, and weathered exterior . The crew are scratch built from SHQ artillery crew men. I like to see crew in open toped vehicles  The 17lber gives the British a big punch in a defence against tanks.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

On the workbench - A paint job too far 3- Late war British Motor Rifle Platoon 1944

More British Infantry for Operation Market Garden weekend. This time platoon from 3rd Battalion Irish Guards. My force in the battles on the Battlegroup Market Garden weekend will be drawn from The Irish Group of Guards Armoured Division.
All the stands are attached to coffee stirrer to reduce handling. Primed in black them sprayed in brown. All are painted with Coat d'arms Khaki faces and helmets picked out them a brown ink wash. The uniforms are then highlighted in a mix of Khaki and Vallejo KD and the blanco'd webbing with Vallejo KD and a drop of CdA Olive drab. Then weapons in valejo Flat earth and a thin wash of black ink.
 The HQ discuss tactics

 The first section Bren team carrying the gun

 The second section with the Bren team deployed

 The third section deploy from their M5 halftrack carrier

 Close up of the HQ
 The whole platoon

 The Bren team make a nice diorama.

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