Tuesday, 22 January 2019

On the workbench Imperial Japanese Army Infantry Platoon and support

Grenade launcher section is my first venture into the Far East.

Pennies a bit short in January but I wanted to get started so I purchased these from Early War Miniatures. A grenade launcher squad of three 50mm knee mortars and 5 riflemen in a mix of helmets and iconic field caps with an sword wielding officer ( a bit strange for a support company but Banzai! I suppose)

 I might find a more appropriate officer wielding far more deadly binoculars later . I like them I here mixed things about EWM but I  have had a lot of stuff mainly British tankers and liked them all. They painted up nicely. I also like the Type 97 mortars I will have a battery of 2 of these eventually. I really like the Type 92 "woodpecker" Nambu machine gun  another support option for the platoon.

Next months pay check goes on the rest of the huge Japanese platoons.

My new jungle hut finished with some Japanese Infantry for scale
 I have just added the 1:72miniatures Payag Hut  to my terrain collection with an eye to some  Burmese adventures when the Battlegroup Pacific theatre book come out later this year. I am looking forward to matching the Imperial Japenese Infantry against my Indian infantry.

 Lovely mdf jungle hut in mdf. I softened the edges a bit then added a jungle leaf roof.
 I have added a 80mm mortar team to my IJA forces. This mortar battery has a forward observer to call in fire.
81mm type 97 mortar battery and forward observers from EWM and  1:72 miniatures 

 One slightly unusual features of Japanese infantry is the type 10 grenade launcher. These were often concentrated into a battery. This set are from EWM. I have always struggled to make good use of my British 2" mortars. I look forward to devising a tactic for my grenade launcher  battery.

The type Type 92 HMG deployed next to the Payag hut.
 Japanese infantry section from the excellent Japanese pacific Infantry from 1:72 miniature excellent range including the Type 99 LMG on the left.
 More infantry in a mixture of helmets and caps
 Two snipers one in helmet and one in cap take position in the treeline. I have more of these to put in "spider holes" 1:72 miniatures do some nice snipers up trees.
 Advancing infantry in Sen-bou caps all from 1:72 miniatures

The platoon HQ I kept the sword wielding officer from EWM and added a more deadly binocular weilding officer in helmet lurking bu the tree. Next the spider hole infantry and maybe some hidden tanks for ambushing the Imperial forces. 

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