Monday, 19 March 2018

On the workbench - A paint job too far- Dutch Canals

Expect plenty of water features in the Polder lands of the Netherlands . My contribution is this canal system. As far as primer today. Inspired by the slightly later battle of s'Hogenbosch (October '44). I will post some more images as I make progress on this terrain feature.
Lock gates 

A Lift bridge 
 Brown canal water footpaths and drains
 The lift bridge and lock spray painted
 Below the whole set using a dark band to indicate the depth
Finished the canals are ready for the Operation Market Garden  weekend! Water added as layers of gloss varnish. Lock gates and counterweight bridge painted up with Vallejo acriylics and inks for rusty streaks. Couldn't resist recreating the Welsh Fusiliers rushing of the lock gates at s'Hertogenbosch On the 24th October Major John Dugdale's A Company 7th Battalion the Royal Welch Fusiliers  made the mad dash across the lock. They where covered by Crocodile Churchill tanks. I have used one of my Shermans here. More details of this interesting battle at
 The lock gates
 Both of the feature sections of canal
Detail of the counter weight bridge - delighted to see three of these In various places at the Market Garden weekend.

Really please my infantry got to do this in a game on the Vegel board aginst Mike. Lovely game
Indistrial scene - lock gates from a different angle
Bridge and lock rushed at once

Medic follows up the assaulting section
Now for another game to use them. s'Hertogenbosch beckons...

Sunday, 18 March 2018

On the workbench - A paint job to far 2 - British Infantry Platoon 1944

 A British Infantry platoon of 35 men and officers for my XXX corps Irish Guards force for the battlegroup weekend, The models are from the Plastic Soldier Company box set. Recognise the poses ?

 The HQ section Lieutenant and RT operator and NCO's all 36 models painted in a day. It took a couple of hours to put them together from there parts and prime them up. I am pleased with the results.
 A section of infantry follow the Sherman through ruined streets. I really like the Bren gun team in this set - although attaching the barrel to the |Bren is fiddly.
 The second section based on singles and double bases for casualty removal in the Battlegroup game

The final section advancing. I like the dynamic pose of the crouching infantryman in the centre.
All painted up in a weekend ... If I have time I will go back in and add a few details but these miniature's won't show me up in the three battles I have to fight for Market Garden in May at the Battlegroup weekend. I need to paint another Infantry platoon as well as some more tanks and other vehicles. I also have a canal to paint!  So on we go. This far in terms of painting we have only reached Eindhoven!

Friday, 16 March 2018

On the workbench British 8th Army Platoon

Finished this platoon of 8th army infantry ready for the release of  Battlegroup  Torch's imminent release. These will be added to the Indian infantry  I finish a while ago and clear the decks for a reurn to NW Europe and the BG weekend Market Garden force. Mass painted in about a day. The models are a mixture of Lancer, Foundry  and PSC.  Black primer followed by red brown army painter spray and finally a desert yellow spray before a dry brush with Valejo Desert Khaki webbing pick out with a very light version of same, Flesh picked out and then a  light wash with brown ink and highlights. I quite pleased with the results. The art of mass painting figures tends to get over looked with fantastically detailed individual stand out models or the attention I lavish on tanks and vehicles. Roll on the Mareth line.
 Lots of Lancer in the Command section

 Sniper and his spotter

 PSC Bren gun team
 The section section PSC and Foundry

 Third section advance through the olive grove

 SHQ Officers and gubbins and airfix trailer for a wire team
Bren team PSC

Sunday, 11 March 2018

On the workbench- A paint job too far - Sherman Firefly's

These are a personal project in advance of the Battlegroup weekend on May 12-13th. My Britsh army hasn't any 1944 equipment. So I am painting a battlegroup of the Irish Guards for the weekend. I have two in mind. First part of the project is two Sherman Vc Firefly these started out as Armourfast kits. I have removed the sand shields that the kit (curiously) comes with added some stowage - more to follow and begun to paint them for the Irish Guards. They have the names Ballymoney and Ards (not authentic names but following the common practice of Irish units in the British army. One "Ballymoney" has the barrel "camouflaged" with blue paint. "Ards" doesn't. They are now painted up clean and will receive lots of extra weathering. and decals for 2nd Battalion.

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