Saturday, 21 March 2020

On the workbench British Infantry in Tropical Uniform

These lovely toy soldiers from AB figures got here this morning after a little dance with the postman where he put is down and I dodged out to retrieve it. I cleaned them up. Not much flash ready for basing. I love them. These will be painted up for my Tunisia/Italy British 1943 army. But they would make excellent British or Indian troops in Burma if painted differently.
Officers and specialist weapons AT rifle for Tunisia and PIAT for Italy. Great that the 2" mortar team are in there. 

I like my infantry lying down ... love the stress positions of many of these figures

Loveley BREN team and misture of bayonets fixed and not

BD trousers and shirts with sleeves rolled order.

 Reference for the painting is this.
And this

They wiil join my Eureka miniatures Austalian Infantry platoon  as a second Platoon of Infantry for bigger games. My third platoon is the Indian Infantry covered elsewhere on this blog.

Scenario and AAR El Aroussa -The Race to the Spot, 26 February 1943 Tunisia.

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