Sunday, 24 September 2017

On the Workbench M3 Grant Mk1 - Mirage kit in 1:72

Next in the production line from the arsenal of democracy the M3 Grant. This is the Mirage kit - still in three parts for painting (I have used RB brass turned barrels from Lancers). This is going to be the command tank for the Sherman tanks I am currently painting up suitable for Tunisia. I don't think the Grants were used in this role once they crossed to Sicily but would love to be proved wrong.
 Sand skirts come with this they'll be added after the running gears painted
 Brass antenna for wireless sets also added

Stage one of thecompleted 

 Painting completed including copious sand The original kit comes with complete sand skirts I decided to remove the left front to make a more war worn appearance. The Mirage kit comes with a few white metal parts including this commander model - vaguely reminiscent of Monty!
Thanks to the wise folks at the The Guild I now know that the Grants where still used (probably as command vehicles in Sicily at least0. So this one is marked up for 23rd Armoured Brigade who still had a few on returns in Sicily.
 Air recognition markings from extradecals
 The wargamers view.
 Sherman stowage and bailout packs  for British tanks from Milicast
 Brass aerials added and green stuff for the rolled tarp.
Proved wrong! A Grant Command tank in Sicily with M3 gun removed and 37mm replaced with  a dummy. Mine will double up as a gun tank in some El Alamein to Tunisia games. so I am not making drastic conversions to it.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

On the Workbench Panzer III lang and Tiger tanks upgrade

A project long delayed - replacement Pz III lang for my German Army. These have sat waiting in the painting box for a shameful long time. They are EWM casts. I like the scale of these and they replaced some Armourfast models in my German army. I particularly like the crew. Barrels replaced with RB turned aluminium from Lancer miniatures. The stowage is scratch built from green stuff and SHQ. These are due to get a run out in a big game we are planning.
 Panzer III langs from EWM
 RB barrel from Lancer

Stowage scratch built and SHQ

This is the Zvezda Tiger I receiving a new 88mm RB barrel.

Panzerkiel ready to roll

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

On the Workbench Sherman III Tanks for the 8th Army in Tunisia

My current project is these Sherman II tanks based on the Italieri quick build kit. I have done a lot of conversion work adding stowage from Black Dog ( I love kits) Milicast and EWM stowage as well as some scratch build stuff. RB turned aluminium barrels from Lancer Miniatures.

 Now painted up with the camouflage scheme from late 42 -43. Hatches scratch built Crew will be painted separately and added later. Squadron markings from Nottinghamshire Tunisia.

Decals added and done now for the stowage and lots of sand.

 The finished  Sherman III tanks of Sherwood Rangers lots of stowage and lots of weathering powder and fixer. I want these tanks to have the worn and dusty look of the long hard campaign fought by 8th Army.
 The tanks have numbers to help with ammo records in games

 Stowage from Milicast the commander from HaT
 Another HaT commander and stowage scratch built - the rolled camo net- and from Milicast British stowage. These tanks will form the armoured backbone of my 1943 British army.

 Stowage on the rear decks Blackdog cz for the far vehicle the others a mix of Milicast and scratch built with Greenstuff

 Extra decal Air recognition rondels
 These tanks have the similar camouflage but are marked up as 9th Queens Own Lancers for variety.
 I used a lot of Milicast British Bail out packs on these vehicles to give them a lived in feel.

 Smaller Air recognition rondels on the turret from the same Extradecals set
 Stowage scratch built and various sources including the bits box

 The Queens Royal Lancers advance

Decals for the 1st Armoured Division 9th battalion Queens Royal Lancers

Scenario and AAR El Aroussa -The Race to the Spot, 26 February 1943 Tunisia.

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