Friday, 30 October 2020

On the workbench WW2 German Infantry project Infantry Platoon in Camouflage



A mix of CP and AB models in a German rifle section 

Mid war infantry section advancing in a mix of Marsh water camo smocks and splinter pattern zeltbahn 

Sdkfz 250 with AB crew - an addition to my Reconaissance force 

Panzer Grenedier - armoured patrol 

The recon patrol with the dismounted 

MG42 team in sustained fire mode 

AB riflemen and a CP panzerfaust sutable for Fall of the Reich 

The same with an AT mine being used as for attacking a T34. The option for Kursk

CP models Panzerknackers with AT greande options for Kursk games 

The Xan miniatures 80mm mortar and AB panzerknackers with panzerfausts from AB miniatures 

A section in Sumpftarn camo attacking 

The whole section with MG support all AB miniatures 

In a slit trench the radio  operator and an NCO in camouflage smock all from CP models Heer range  

Officer with MP40 and adjutant from CP models Heer range 

The Platoon HQ with officers and NCO's many have Russian weapons 

An addition to Recce support - Fusilier foot patrol 

These Fusilier foot patrol is a mix of AB and CP models 

On the workbench WW2 German Infantry Project - Infantry Platoon in Greatcoats


Thise platoon built for the Battlegroup lists will be the most flexible It will have sufficient men to represent an early war platoon for the Blitzkrieg or Barbarossa list and Panzerfaust to swap in later in the war for Overlord. I have pictured them here in my Ostfront defences I use with Kursk
The 80mm mortar by AB  in a mortar pit 

These Greatcoated Panzerfausts are from Early War Miniatures Panzer Grenadier range. I like there camo smocks over there greatcoats and they match well for scale with the AB miniatures in the rest of the platoon. We always play WISIWIG so I can swap these in for sections with Panzerfausts in later war games 

An MG34 team one with splinter pattern camo helmet cover. I like the look of men lying down or kneeling 
The rest of the section - in Battlegroup the MG team and the rifles act a separate manoeuvre groups with seperate orders  

An MG34 in tripod mount as a support weapon for the platoon 

A rifle section take there firing position 

The MG34 section with dismounted MG pass the pit for the sustained fire version 

The wholesection together 

The platoon cammand with officer, radio operator and NCO with MP40

The other section kneel awaiting an assault 

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

On the workbench WW2 German Infantry project part 1 Tropical Dress Platoon and support

sIG 33 auf Panzer 38(t) Ausf.H/K Grille  A very old model in metal form SHQ with a new paint job and a new crew for Italy 43
The Grille with the HQ of my new tropical kit platoon mostly AB Deutche Afrika Korp minatures 

So, for the UK lockdown and the plague year I decided to do something I have been thinking about for many years. namely to reorganise and upgrade my German World War 2 infantry. Previously my German infantry where mostly the SHQ miniatures and were bought for the Rapid Fire Lists back in the 90's. SHQ have an excellent range of miniatures but I have found them a little small with my later AB miniatures. So with Eureka Miniatures UK opening up and making the access to the excellent AB World War 2 ranges available. I grit my teeth sold off my three German platoons and replaced them with a mix of AB and CP models. With a scattering of Xan Miniatures (available from Empress now in the UK) , Early War Miniatures and Battlefield/Blitz minis.

AB platoon for DAK range 

Landsers on the move. I used a base of Valejo Russian Uniform for the tunics and dark sand for the trousers 

The AB miniature MG 34 team 

This section is mostly Xan Miniatures - great poses I really like these,

More XAn Afrika Korp

AB miniatures in this assaulting section They are the most Afrika Korp typical many having desert boots 

I really like the MG34 team firing on the move 

Another shot of the MG34 team 

My FO team in tropical kit - scissor scope from my old SHQ team

One of the AB miniatures mortar teams from there DAK range. I love all the ammo boxes and water cans AB supply with the weapon  

The other AB 80mm mortar team  in full desert yellow 

Good view of all the little extras AB give you spare mortar bombsin front of the loader 

Officers and a Communications relay team with two radios - getting these little extras for Battlegroup was a big push to do this. I love that these have a role in Battlegroup

Sdkfz 7 is an old model with a make over using AB crew and some stowage from Lancer 


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