Friday, 30 October 2020

On the workbench WW2 German Infantry project Infantry Platoon in Camouflage



A mix of CP and AB models in a German rifle section 

Mid war infantry section advancing in a mix of Marsh water camo smocks and splinter pattern zeltbahn 

Sdkfz 250 with AB crew - an addition to my Reconaissance force 

Panzer Grenedier - armoured patrol 

The recon patrol with the dismounted 

MG42 team in sustained fire mode 

AB riflemen and a CP panzerfaust sutable for Fall of the Reich 

The same with an AT mine being used as for attacking a T34. The option for Kursk

CP models Panzerknackers with AT greande options for Kursk games 

The Xan miniatures 80mm mortar and AB panzerknackers with panzerfausts from AB miniatures 

A section in Sumpftarn camo attacking 

The whole section with MG support all AB miniatures 

In a slit trench the radio  operator and an NCO in camouflage smock all from CP models Heer range  

Officer with MP40 and adjutant from CP models Heer range 

The Platoon HQ with officers and NCO's many have Russian weapons 

An addition to Recce support - Fusilier foot patrol 

These Fusilier foot patrol is a mix of AB and CP models 

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