Sunday, 17 December 2017

On the workbench - Indian Infantry platoon

A completed Indian army platoon for the 8th army Strelets Indian infantry WW2. Eventually I intend that I will have one platoon of infantry and various support options such as engineers, recon patrols to support other British units. I really think that the multi-nation nature of the 8th Army in N Africa  and   Italy gives lots of interesting modelling opportunities.
 The whole platoon
 The HQ shelter behind  wall
 I like the many prone poses in the set firing and throwing grenades  and grouped them together in one section

 A couple of Sten guns

 Tommy guns and Lee Enfield - a Bren team in front and on the end of the section
 3 sections and the HQ
 Maharata Regiment Fix Bayonets - “Bol Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai”
 Bren section firing from the hip

Plattoon HQ with RT operator and Indian Junior officer

On the workbench FtF Pz35t

Panzer Grey Pz35t for my 6th Panzer division kampfgruppe in Battlegroup Barbarossa
Clean with 3 layers of highlight.

 The HQ tank ready for mud, dust, crew and stowage

Scenario and AAR El Aroussa -The Race to the Spot, 26 February 1943 Tunisia.

  Battle for "The Spot", El Aroussa, Tunisia 26th February 1943 The History Three days after the end of the battles at Kasserine t...