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Scenario and AAR Second Battle of San Salvo 2-3 November 1943

Tanks of 46 (Lierpool Welsh) RTR 


“On the V Corps of 8th Army front was paused on the Trigno river, British 78th Infantry Division attacked along the coastal road while 8th Indian Infantry Division attacked some 10 mi (16 km) inland. Fighting was fierce, but on 3 November, British 78th Division reached San Salvo, some three miles beyond the Trigno, at which point Generalmajor Rudolf Sieckenius—commanding 16th Panzer Division—decided to make a fighting withdrawal to the Sangro river and the formidable Gustav defensive positions overlooking the river from the ridge tops on the far side.

The plan was that the Skins were to capture San Salvo and the ridge on the left, while the Buffs were to capture the ridge to the right of the town. The first part of the attack was to take p1ace just before first light, and from first light onwards the two Infantry Battalions were to have the assistance of a Regiment of Tanks.

The Buffs had a pretty clear run through on the right, but there was ding-dong fighting for San Salvo all day. Elements of the Skins got into the town quite early in the morning and the town was pretty well occupied by Noon, but there was a lot of tidying up to be done and the Bosche counter attacked a couple of times.

The Bosche had re-acted very strongly to our advance, and rushed forward quite a number of Tanks to support some already in the wood South of the town. There was a good deal of maneuvering and Tank fighting and the enemy was not finally on the run until about 1700 hours.

The 36th Brigade, supported by the 6th Inniskilling’s and tanks from the 46th Royal Tank Regiment, 23 Armoured Brigade, would attack towards San Salvo. On the coast 11 Brigade would attack San Salvo railway station on the coastal railway. The Navy would bombard Vasto, three miles up the coast.”

Account of Trooper S Hughes S company ”

The 16 Panzer Division have withdraw n to the Trignno River repelling an attack by the British Eighth Armies 36 Brigade on 28 October. The Eighth army gathered its resources and prepared to attack the ridge above the Trigno river from a small bridgehead taken in the last attack. 

Scenario 1 Capturing the village of San Salvo

The Game

British are the attacker's and the Germans ore the defenders. The German player deploys first on the high ground and the village of San Salvo. Place 3 objectives taking turns the German player placing the first objective then the British Player then back to the German player to deploy the third. The German player deploys 2d6 units including all defenses within half of the table  of the German table edge. The British deploy 2d6 units within 20 inches of the Trigno River board edge, Remaining units deplyed after turn 2 at 1d6 units per turn. The winner tis the first force the other player over the BR value. An all objectives held victory cannot be achieved. 


British Forces

Pts 917  Officer 5  BR 63


Main force

B Company FHQ from 6 battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 3 men  (Cpt Hobo Crocker)

RA Forward Observer team in artillery observation post

RMC Forward Aid Post 

1st Platoon

1x Platoon HQ

1x 2-inch mortar team

1x PIAT team

3x Rifle section

1x Vicker HMG


2nd Platoon

1x Platoon HQ

1x 2-inch mortar team

1x Piat team

3x Rifle section

1x  Recce Foot patrol  10 men Bren and Mortar spotter  

3 40mm Bofors AA gun off table  (suppressing fire at long range only)

3 20mm Oerlikon AA gun off table (supressing fire at long range only) 

1 batteries of  2 x 80mm mortars off table

2 Addition fire support mission 2nd priority (4+)  from 17 Field  Artillery (Division) 



46 Royal Tank Regt

2 squadron each containing

1 Sherman III HQ tank and 2 Sherman III

2x 6 pounder Anti tank guns with M3 tows


German Forces

elements of 16th Panzer divisions Probably Kampf Gruppe Stempel


Pts 922  Officer 4  BR 51

FHQ in Sdkfz251/6 with wire team and motorcycle dispatch rider

1x Artillery observation point


1st Panzer Grenadier Platoon

Platoon HQ

3x MG34 team

3x Rifle Teams

1x sMG34 HMG

1x Pak 38 At gun in At gun dugout


2nd Panzer Grenadier Platoon

3x MG34

3x Rifle Teams

1x sMG34 HMG in MG dugout

1x Pak 38 At gun in At gun dugout       



1x 3rd priority request Artillery Rgt 16 off table

2x 80mm mortar batteries off table 

1x Pre registered Target

Forward Observation team in Light Car

1x timed Air Attack  Bf 109G with 2 light bombs 

2x snipers hideouts


1x panzer grenadier platoon in Sdkfz 251 with AT grenades

1x panzer grenadier platoon on foot with AT grenades



1x foxholes

3x fortified buildings

1x Mine field (Mined river bank)

1x Improvised Road block 


Reserve 1 from turn 3

1 platoon from III. Panzer Regiment 2  with 4 x Panzer IV G

1 supply truck

After Action Report 

Unexpected delay to set up as cat takes up residence - gentle persuasion the order of the day to prevent catastrophic damage to terrain. 

The Barbara line.  The battle field from the Ridge after German defenses deployment but before British set up . 

Villa objective (marked by dustbins and Artillery observation bunker 

The prize for Eighth Army main road through San Salvo 

Narrow lanes of San Salvo 

The secondary road through San Salvo 

A tough nut to crack. The hinge of the defense. German player fortified these building on front of the ridge/

This building would provide a Pre-registered target for British Mortars and Artillery. The German artillery observation bunker is on the hill slope above the lateral road  

Most ungentlemanly warfare. German player mined the road into town forcing a detour for British tanks 

Remember Cambrai! The 46 RTR lead the attack on the ridge fanning out from the road left and right around a German minefield 

Infantry of 'skins the 2nd platoon in an olive grove 
1st platoon of he 'skins advance on the left flank supported by a the Vickers MMG and a 2" light mortar 

German HQ  and reserves in a small square in San Salvi village. Blast marker show British mortar target in the main street. 

16 Panzer reinforce the ridge. German infantry advance with Panzer IV tanks from reserve 

Panzer IV advances with defilade 

A stroll in the olive groves and vineyards of the Abruzzo. Infantry and Sherman III advance through German mortar fire. Blast marks show mortar's targets. The black smoke pinned units.

German resist the advance. 2 Panzer IV tanks an MMG bunker and Pak 38 in dugout  on ambush fire. Tanks neutralize the Spandau's the infantry take on the guns with grenades and cold steel. 

A rare appearance from the Luftwaffe hits the Command of No2 Platoon - a quick pace meant that most of the platoon was through the target on there airstrike  

Fix bayonets! The No 2 platoon climbed the ridge though vineyards 

Sherman's provide supporting fire from guns and machineguns pins the defenders as the infantry close up for an assault. 

This Panzer IV was a unfortunate victim of a 3 inch mortar direct hit - bad luck

Command chaos British mortar's fire attacks deviates into the square 

German infantry occupy the building of the town and  the commander of the  Panzer IV squadron losses a duel with 2 Sherman III and is knocked out. 

Germans deploy reserves to block the British climbing up through the vineyards on the slopes below. 

Panzer IV G advances to flank the British armour 

British infantry follow the Sherman's up through olive groves toward the heavily defend re-enforced houses on the edge of San Salvo 

The British deploy there  6 pounder AT guns against the advancing Panzers 

The attack on the ridge presses on  46 RTR's Shermans support infantry with HE from the main gun whilst a M3 towing a 6 pounder anti tank gun prepares to deploy into the vineyard. One Sherman KO'ed by a Panzer IV 

The British Aid station treats casualties 

The 6 pounder on tow and Sherman weather German mortar fire. Indicated by the blast marker ahead 

The final score 39 out of 63 fro the British ataackers 

The German withdraw 51BR reached. 


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