Sunday, 11 March 2018

On the workbench Sherman Firefly's

These are a personal project in advance of the Battlegroup weekend on May 12-13th. My Britsh army hasn't any 1944 equipment. So I am painting a battlegroup of the Irish Guards for the weekend. I have two in mind. First part of the project is two Sherman Vc Firefly these started out as Armourfast kits. I have removed the sand shields that the kit (curiously) comes with added some stowage - more to follow and begun to paint them for the Irish Guards. They have the names Ballymoney and Ards (not authentic names but following the common practice of Irish units in the British army. One "Ballymoney" has the barrel "camouflaged" with blue paint. "Ards" doesn't. They are now painted up clean and will receive lots of extra weathering. and decals for 2nd Battalion.

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