Sunday, 15 April 2018

On the workbench - A paint job too far 4 - British Anti Tank defense '44

 On the workbench the grew and Carden Lloyd carrier and two bases one for the 6lb Antitank Gun and one for the loader team. These have all ben primed black and undercoated in olive darb spray paint. The crew men glued to a coffee stirrer for ease of handling have ben undercoated in Humbrol Brown

The finish models The PSC kit comes with plenty of spare crew and ammo crates and shells and spent brass. I used it all. I am a keen player of Battlegroup so the spare crew got made into a loader team. These increase a guns reate of fire in the game and so can be very useful
 I used some of the ammo as external stowage on the Carden Loyd carrier which tows the gun. Lovely little quick build kit

 A closer view of the loader team and the tow
 This M10 17lber is the Armourfast quick build. I have had this model "DUNDALK" a while but have given it a make over with new external stowage, and weathered exterior . The crew are scratch built from SHQ artillery crew men. I like to see crew in open toped vehicles  The 17lber gives the British a big punch in a defence against tanks.

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