Monday, 2 July 2018

On the workbench - Britsh Carrier Section Tunisia 1943

First these The release of Battleroup torch eans that my British are undergoing a change to 1943 as the focus of equipment and miniatures, TDQ castings Mediterranean infantry in the main - with a mortar crew from Combat Miniatures by Stonewall. Carriers from PSC
Figure 1 Officers, aRifle section and 2" mortar sections 

Figure 2 Officer and there carrier

Figure 3 A carrier Bren section the rear model carries a spare barrel in it's bag on his shoulder - lovely sculpts

Figure 4 carrier 2" mortar section lying down crew from Stonewall with some conversion to give them a more Mediterranean appearance 

Figure 5 - Difficult to use in Battlegroup the British and commonwealths carrier sections are a unique feature of these armies. 
I use these as rapid response troops. Using them to seize objectives and then use mortar support to hold until reinforced. Or in defence as a reaction force to delay enemy attacks of make quick counter attacks with the Universal carriers excellent off road manoeuvrability.

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