Saturday, 13 March 2021

On the workbench Soviet Naval Infantry Company

 So. for a long while I have planned a army using the Soviet Naval Infantry. Battlegroup doesn't (yet) have specific lists for "The Black Death" but they were organised as standard rifle companies in larger battalions than Red Army battalions so I am using the Russian Rifle Company lists from BG Barbarossa for the organisation.   I will use them in a Kuban Bridgehead Campaign for the battles on the a Taman Peninsular campaign long planned. However this will give me a force for battles in Stalingrad in '42 or Leningrad  '41. The first platoon is made up of CP models Soviet Naval Infantry with some of their Soviet Infantry. I like the rag tag look. The other platoons will be a mix of Elheim's metals and Pegasus and Zvezda plastics  3 more platoons to go! I am looking to Grubby for specialist weapons like mortars and the ubiquitous Anti tank rifles 

CP models WWII Soviet Infantry range of Soviet Naval Infantry

Painted in a mix of Naval and army uniforms several have Telogreika jackets

For the Navy uniforms  painted using Valejo Dark Sea Blue over a black primer with a little Valejo Flat Blue for extreme highlights. I was keen not to let them end up too grey

Platoon Command with Bugler.

Black Pilotka caps and army green helmets are a alternative to sailors hat

They have a mix of boots and army jack boots 

The striped undershirts of the sailers are visible at the neck but one or two wear only the undershirt. This is painted in Vallejo off white with flat blue stripes highlighted in grey blue.

The bulk of the Soviet supplies of Tokarev SVT38 Semi Automatic rifles went to the Naval Infantry Brigades so CP have sculpted them with these and a good scattering of PPSH smg's 

Gradually the Naval uniforms gave way to army uniform. I used Vallejo Russian Uniform for the Telogreika jackets and a few Gymnast 

The mix and match of the uniforms is shown well in this picture 

For the bandoliers so typical of Naval Infantry I used Vallejo German Camo Beige highlihted with off white - similar for the straps on rifles and SMGs

The Red star on hats and the sleeves of ratings uniforms are added last along with cuff rank indicators for Petty Officers and Officers 

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