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on the workbench Sturmpioneer Platoon Blitzkrieg /Barbarossa /Kursk

German asault pioners are a really intersting troop type in Battlegrou[. Expensive high BR infantry with unique equipment. When the enemy are in prepared defenses there demolition charges and flame thrower teams can be exceptionally useful. 
Minesweeper at work from Grubby tanks 
An infantry sectiuon infiltrate through the ruins Advancing MG 34 team  from EWM 
the rest from my old War of the Rats range from an old manufacturer who name a forgot
Platoon HQ with radio  and a flame thrower team all from War of the Rats range except the rifle man supporting the flamethrower from Grubby tanks 

Sturmpioneer section from Grubby tanks armed with grenades and demo charges
Flamethrower from War of the rats and demo charges from Grubby assaults a bunker
The war of the Rats flamewurfer and a Britainia commander for the flamethrower followed by Grubby demolition charges from Kelly's Heroes 
Another War of the Rats democharge on a pole and Grubby flamethrower
The third flamer thrower team for Kurk games 
Antitank mines  to add to sections armed with them 
HQ in a log bunker
mineclearer covered by kellys heroe infantry men
a nix of miniatures in this section, The wire cutters from Grubby 


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